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Stopping by to inform that there is new #GraphicDesign work uploaded to the #Designs page. From #PackageDesign #Catalogs #PriceList #Flyers #Brochures #WebBanners #logos #ProductPhotography and much more.

If you have any questions, feed back or requests, feel free to contact me.

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Photography Up

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Yesterday I attended an event where I decided to take my camera just for fun and to practice.

The event featured the musical artist Yesenia Flores and her return a caballo.

Photography is something I am still learning, especially how to use manual mode on my camera. There is still a lot to learn, but I have been enjoying the process of this learning curve. There is a big difference and limitations to what you can capture on automatic mode and that is why I am doing everything I can to learn.

In the Photography section you will find the photos of the event.

Feedback is highly appreciated🙂

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Quote of the Week

This week’s quote has to do with the power of positive information. Information or knowledge has the power to change our mentality and life for the good or bad. It all depends on what you decide to feed your mind. Everything you read, watch and listen to has such a large impact on influencing our thoughts and actions.

One must be careful with what information we obtain and who we hang out with or listen to.

What can we do to feed our brain more positive information? Well, for starters pick up a book on personal development. Avoid tabloid magazines and reality TV. These forms of media are filling your mid with “trash.”

Start reading 15 minutes a day or listen to audio talks from motivational speakers, One of my favorite is Zig Ziglar. Try it out and you will see how a little positive information day by day will help you see life in a different way.

Stay positive!




Quote of the week

Good Morning world!

I believe that we should all start our day with positive thoughts in the morning. We should carry that positive throughout the day. This will insure you will have a great day!

Today’s quote talks about creativity. We are all creative and talented in our own areas, some of us just haven’t discovered it yet, but one day it will click.🙂

The quote says make mistakes and learn from them and keep only the best lessons.  Sometimes it is best to learn from others mistakes to save yourself time and hardship.

Enjoy this quote of the week, and stay positive and create!

–  A.L

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