First photo session of 2017


Maternity session – 2/25/17

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity photograph the maternity photos for my cousin, his wife and their beautiful little girl for the 2nd time. This is always a challenge for me because I want to make sure I capture photos that they will love and can one day show the baby.

The first time I did their maternity photos was a little over 2 years ago. Back then I was not taking any photo class and I had my camera on Auto, with a kit lens and I was using the pop up flash. That day was a nice sunny clear sky day, so we got some decent photos.

This time around we went later around 2pm. There were clouds, camera was on M Mode and I had the new SB-700 flash mounted on camera. I have never used a flash, nor as of this day know how to use it correctly, but if it were not for this flash all my photos would have come out backlit. I surprisingly did much better than last time especially since it was overcast thanks to the flash and new lens.

Some photos came out over exposed others under exposed, but a good majority came out great.

My cousin and his wife loved them! They picked a total of 45 images for the final edit.

Overall it was a great experience for me and good practice. I know where I need to focus my attention now in regards to the flash to improve.

I am really excited to continue this journey. Super hungry too learn all I can, so that one day I can be an excellent photographer.





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