Ask yourself this question


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Hope you all are having an excellent day. I want to share a question with you today that I believe everyone should start ask themselves daily and anytime you are going to make any decision.

The question is: How will this help me and how will this hurt me?

For example: If you are trying to lose weight like I am, I know I have to stay focused on working out and eating clean. So, if I am craving ice cream (which I always do) before I pull out the ice cream from the freezer I ask myself If I eat this, will this help me or will this hurt me in reaching my weight goal? As you know eating that ice cream will not help me reach my fitness goal.

Another example: If you do freelance work and you get home and have the option of starting your projects or watching the new episode on Netflix you will need to ask yourself If I watch this show will this help me or will this hurt me?

We will encounter many choices during the day that can lead us closer or push us further away from our goals. We have the power to make these decisions, and as you can see in the examples above even the simplest tasks can affect us positively or negatively.

I encourage you to start asking yourself this question so you can be more aware of what you are doing, and if you need to correct your direction you can start with the simple tasks.

Hope this helps! If it does lets connect 🙂

Have a blessed day and let’s go out there and get creative!

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Best Regards,

A.L. Designs


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