The Creative Hour

As designers our craft requires daily practice, but if you can’t do it physically at the moment you can always find alternatives to stay relevant.

These alternatives can be time invested in learning or studying a subject or person in the field. Use this time to find your weak points and ways on how you can improve them.

Take the time to brainstorm any creative projects you want to do in the future. Go back to the basics of paper and pen and write out your ideas.

Your mind is a muscle that needs to be exercised. We can get caught up in the same daily routine and the same way of designing, photographing, editing and filming that we forget to observe the changes happening in our industries and therefore we become outdated.

As designers, we need time to recharge and refresh our knowledge.

I have committed myself to schedule in 1 hour of creativity per day. This is the hour that I take to study other designers, photographers and videographers. YouTube is one of the best ways to gain inspiration on new trends, software tutorials and a day in the life of a designer.

So, the point of this post is to encourage you to use your current setbacks if any (for me my hands) as a motivation to find way around the physical limitations (the creative hour). This will help you implement positive habits and in return make you better in other areas.

I know that by overcome my personal setbacks, I will be better physically and mentally for my current employer and myself. When you have strength in both areas you can attack your career with new knowledge and creativity.

Have a blessed day and let’s go out there and get creative!

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Best Regards,

Alondra Lopez