Artists know your worth…


During last night’s photography class, my teacher said something that truly impacted me in a positive way. A student asked about how much he should be charging people for events. I find myself in the same situation, so this question was perfect.

The teacher said that we should not under charge even if we are still students. The reason is you don’t want to devalue your work. At the same time, we should not be over charge because we are still in the learning phase. The teachers said people don’t realize how much work goes into photography or any creative field.

When it comes to photography, customers don’t understand that the price you are quoting them is not only for the time spent taking photos, it also includes the hours spent doing the photo editing. Photo editing is a must, no image no matter how good your equipment maybe is ready out of camera, you need to edit it. Editing makes a huge difference colors are more vibrant, blemishes on the face are covered and the image is sharpened. Every step done in editing is with the sole purpose of presenting the best image possible to your customer.

The same applies for quotes I give for graphic design projects, it takes work and it takes time. I work full time as a designer for a company, but I am also a freelance designer, so I am working on projects on my free time, and time to everyone is valuable! My rates on design projects are on the low side compared to other designers, but I can see firsthand why they charge what they charge. They deserve it! You as an artist are providing them with a creative service.

So if you are a creative of some kind remember do not hesitate to charge what you in your heart feels like a fair rate for the work you can provide.

If you are interested in attending the free photography workshop you can check out the events page for dates, times and locations.

Keep creating,




You Have 1 Life



You Have 1 Life! – Gary Vaynerchuk

That means your time is limited. If you want something, go after it! Commit to it, learn all you can and go out and DO!

At times we take for granted how lucky we are to be alive and in good health. We put limitations on what we are clearly capable of achieving. We dream to small! We don’t believe in ourselves! We play the victim card.

Why do we do that? I think because we lack self belief and self awareness. We all have a purpose and talent, some of us are lucky enough to know what it is, some of us are still searching and that’s OK.

My advice is to honestly think about what it is you LOVE and do everything possible to do that. Get to the point where you LOVE what you do.

In my situation, I love graphic design, but the more I learn about photography the more I realize that I really enjoy it. Therefore, it gives me the motivation needed to learn from those people that have the results and experience that I one day would love to have.

Now sit in a quiet place, and think to yourself what makes me happy? Or if I did this _______ I would be living my purpose or talent.

Work on this, you might not get it the first time, just remember one thing:

You have one life” make it count!