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Goal oriented productivity!


Pack your day with as much goal oriented productivity as possible.

I have plenty of days when work is slow at the office and there is nothing to work on.

On days like these I came up with a solution to help myself and the company.

I practice my design, photography and video editing skills. I create content to post up on the company’s social media platforms.

I handle all our social accounts so I figured why not make good use of the slow days to create, post and grow our online presence.

This helps me fill in the slow hours of my day, practice my skills, grow my portfolio and benefit the company all at the same time.

Little things like these are the steps we need to take more of to help us grow as professionals, benefit us and bring us closer to achieving or goals.

I hope you find ways to make yourself more productive during the day, but in the direction of your goals.

Don’t just be busy to be busy, actual work on things that can boost you to the next level.

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Best Regards,

Alondra Lopez



Express gratitude even for your difficulties!

Today express gratitude even for your difficulties.


We can’t just live life expressing gratitude for only the positive, because our difficulties, challenges and set backs are the lessons we learn from that will help us improve and grow. When we conquer our difficulties, we become stronger!

This is a reminder that things do get better. You might be experiencing a rough day, week or month, but just keep in mind that you will overcome your difficulties you just need to be patient.

Your difficulties will make you grow as a person and please always remember that there is light at the end of each tunnel.

I have difficulties all the time! When I get a designer’s block and have no ideas coming in, I  gets frustrated. I use this difficulty to motivate me to look around at my current surroundings and slowly but surely ideas start to flood my brain and I am able to design something great!

I experience difficulties with my body all the time. Currently I have a bad back that has limited me in my workouts but I’ve found ways around it. I do exercises that are good for my back and that don’t put too much pressure on it. I know that the pain won’t last forever and when I do get better I can increase my workout intensity. When that time comes my back will be stronger and it will be less prone to future injuries.

Express gratitude daily for everything life throws at you. If you are having a bad day and want to talk feel free to reach out to me on:

For further information please feel free to contact me!

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Best Regards,

Alondra Lopez