You need targets, a reason and goals.


If you are not expanding you are contracting. You need targets, a reason and goals.

Wise words right there. I agree that we all need a reason to make our life worthwhile.

We need a reason to wake up every morning and make some kind of impact on this world and those around us even if it’s a small contribution.

Targets are very important. This year I’ve been very disciplined on writing down my longer term goals twice a day. But it’s not just about writing them down, its about taking action towards achieving them that makes all the difference.

On Sunday nights, I will write down the goals I have for the week, I also review the goals I had for the previous week. I will write down goals completed and goals failed on the same sheet and right under that I will write next week’s goals Monday – Sunday. I also have daily goals that I write down and start checking them off as I complete them.

You should have different targets and goals for all areas of your life, right now my 2 main categories are health and fitness and career advancements.

You can’t always achieve everything you write down, but its way better to over commit and deliver than it is to under commit and waste your time.

I suggest you buy a notebook and start writing down what is important to you, and take action towards expanding your current situation.

Have a blessed day guys and lets go out there and get creative.

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Best Regards,

Alondra Lopez



Goal oriented productivity!


Pack your day with as much goal oriented productivity as possible.

I have plenty of days when work is slow at the office and there is nothing to work on.

On days like these I came up with a solution to help myself and the company.

I practice my design, photography and video editing skills. I create content to post up on the company’s social media platforms.

I handle all our social accounts so I figured why not make good use of the slow days to create, post and grow our online presence.

This helps me fill in the slow hours of my day, practice my skills, grow my portfolio and benefit the company all at the same time.

Little things like these are the steps we need to take more of to help us grow as professionals, benefit us and bring us closer to achieving or goals.

I hope you find ways to make yourself more productive during the day, but in the direction of your goals.

Don’t just be busy to be busy, actual work on things that can boost you to the next level.

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Best Regards,

Alondra Lopez